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OKAY SO. Tsubaki's counselor job is listed as Administrative Director of Fist to Face Relations. This is more or less a glorified way for me to say Boypuncher and it just reads much more eloquently, doesn't it? The nuts and bolts of it is that she will punch cocky boys in the face for being full of it. THIS IS WHAT SHE IS HERE FOR. Taking people down a notch through violence. It is a bonding activity.

Now, I'm not going to jump threads without permission or anything! I will always ask on IRC or try to get a message passed along before causing anyone physical pain. DON'T WORRY. IT WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU WANT IT TO. Unless you are Tsukasa but hey, that's how canon rolls amirite.

If you are wondering how this will work? WELL. Tsubaki will be passing out cards! She does this. There is a phone number and an email listed, as well as her physical address (these cards are magical and will change accordingly ie if she moves into a new cabin or whatever). She will show up any time someone calls or needs her! SHE LOVES DOING THIS. You are not putting her out.

Tsubaki is not, however, a powerhouse! SHE CANNOT CONTEND IN A BRAWL BY ANY MEANS. This is pure comedic violence. I will liken her now to Io, who is also physically abusive to her baby brother, albeit not as much as to give him a complex. So there is a very good chance that she will serve no real effect other than to interrupt dickings.

This, too, is cool. I am fine with doing 0 damage or even 1hp damage. That makes it funnier, even.

If your character is dealing with someone who needs a punch in the face, they can call her! Ping me in IRC and she will show up to do the deed. Or email or yell or whatever, it works. Just like Superman, she will appear to SAVE THE DAY. I would love for this to be cool and fun for everyone, so I wrote this up. Anyway.

BOYS, you are in danger of being hit.
GIRLS, she will be proud of you for hitting the boys.

... so that's that I think \o/ Any questions, hit me. I am a little slower on email than an IRC ping, but that is because I am dumb and forget to keep gmail up all the time. LET'S HAVING FUN (9^-^)=9(x_o)%


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Feb. 17th, 2013 05:37 am (UTC)
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No seriously it&#39;s cool guys.
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