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- Got sick and then kidnapped.
- Fought, or at least tried to, the mutants all by his lonesome. Got turned into a magical train by Decade, but since this is Ryoutarou, he managed to derail it off its magical tracks and get stuck in the swamp. When he woke up in Kanbraska, he was sitting in cow poo.

- ... thought it was kind of interesting. :3
- Judged the mutants one at a time before exploding them to bits and pieces. Didn't really care that there was a reason for fighting, just that they were a nuisance to her personally. She thinks the midwest is stupid.

- ... no really. She likes the move, because the swamp was hell on her shoes.

- Was kidnapped! :(
- After getting out of the mansion, she wound up in the messhall, which was ... on fire. She escaped once, but then realized that the plushie she was carrying was still inside, so she had to make a daring hobo rescue. It's fine, she's okay, but kinda clingy. The only thing she is hoping for now, besides Daisuke's return, is that they have more to eat than just corn.

- Was overtaken by the Princess when the mutants were set loose, so Princess Sailor Moon was attacking and killing them without a word.
- She did regain control of herself! And she used her powers to heal as many people as she could and to fight the leftover baddies. She also does not want to eat corn forever, because she would miss cake too much.

- Tried to stay on the down-low and see if there was anything of value to be won, buuuut...
- Wound up defending his ship during the mess. He shot anything that came within range of the Strahl. He is kind of >:( about the move mostly because he is going to have to do repairs in a goddamn cornfield.

- Tried to play recon.
- She did her part, lol spoilers lol camp lol, and wound up just exhausted and out of mojikara and ugh. She finds the sudden relocation bothersome, but has hopes that the flat fields will do better for personal training.
... my power is out! Has been for a while. The neighbors tell me that in addition to the tree we have down right across the road here, a good half dozen are down in town. So. I guess this is a not!hiatus warning? In case you were wondering.

Tot/Ryoutarou/et al over and out? sob I miss you lights ;;

--> it's all about meme

Tot | Gohan | Ryoutarou | Xingba | Barret | Maya | Tsubaki

Because I have not done one of these in forever and Tsubaki's comment count jumped over a thousand like three days ago, and I have been saying that I would post one of these.

Just comment with the characters you want me to do relationships for and I will. Spoiler warning: I am slow and dumb and will probably forget who we have played together unless you remind me. COMMENT A LOT EVEN. I love these.


OKAY SO. Tsubaki's counselor job is listed as Administrative Director of Fist to Face Relations. This is more or less a glorified way for me to say Boypuncher and it just reads much more eloquently, doesn't it? The nuts and bolts of it is that she will punch cocky boys in the face for being full of it. THIS IS WHAT SHE IS HERE FOR. Taking people down a notch through violence. It is a bonding activity.

Now, I'm not going to jump threads without permission or anything! I will always ask on IRC or try to get a message passed along before causing anyone physical pain. DON'T WORRY. IT WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU WANT IT TO. Unless you are Tsukasa but hey, that's how canon rolls amirite.

If you are wondering how this will work? WELL. Tsubaki will be passing out cards! She does this. There is a phone number and an email listed, as well as her physical address (these cards are magical and will change accordingly ie if she moves into a new cabin or whatever). She will show up any time someone calls or needs her! SHE LOVES DOING THIS. You are not putting her out.

Tsubaki is not, however, a powerhouse! SHE CANNOT CONTEND IN A BRAWL BY ANY MEANS. This is pure comedic violence. I will liken her now to Io, who is also physically abusive to her baby brother, albeit not as much as to give him a complex. So there is a very good chance that she will serve no real effect other than to interrupt dickings.

This, too, is cool. I am fine with doing 0 damage or even 1hp damage. That makes it funnier, even.

If your character is dealing with someone who needs a punch in the face, they can call her! Ping me in IRC and she will show up to do the deed. Or email or yell or whatever, it works. Just like Superman, she will appear to SAVE THE DAY. I would love for this to be cool and fun for everyone, so I wrote this up. Anyway.

BOYS, you are in danger of being hit.
GIRLS, she will be proud of you for hitting the boys.

... so that's that I think \o/ Any questions, hit me. I am a little slower on email than an IRC ping, but that is because I am dumb and forget to keep gmail up all the time. LET'S HAVING FUN (9^-^)=9(x_o)%

And then there was ...

Name: Tsubaki Domyoji
Age: 23? Four years older than her brother I think this is right.
Height: 173 cm
Weight: Go ahead. Ask her. Her fist may answer.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Medical Info: Healthyyyy. And rich. Nothing too exciting here.

Physical traits: RICHER THAN YOU. Yes this is now a physical trait. Tall and gorgeous, thank you very much. You will notice this.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: I THINK EVERYTHING SHY OF "YOU'RE NOT REAL" IS GOOD. I mean seriously, if you want to be like "FUCK WEREN'T YOU THAT CHICK IN RINGU" you should do it. "Your brother is an idiot" will make her lol. That is pretty obvious info, folks.

Abilities: Can punch Matsumoto Jun in the face, drive a car really fast, buy more expensive things than you, and has the ability to mail people in boxes. Will show up at the drop of a hat to MEDDLE IN HER BROTHER'S BREAK UPS and save his girlfriend from imminent danger. Like Rui, but with boobs.

Notes for the Psychics: NOTHING SPECIAL? She sometimes thinks about her old boyfriend and wonders what life would have been like if she had run away and eloped with him instead of marrying her husband.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Of course~

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: MARRIED. But yes. Yes of course.

Maim/Murder/Death: ... lil bro says no.

Cooking: SHE CAN GRILL UP A BADASS OKONOMIYAKI. For other things, we have personal chefs.

in the beginning

Name: Tsubaki Domyoji
Age: 22 or more
Series: Hana Yori Dango (J-Drama)
Occupation: Administrative Director of Fist to Face Relations
Canon: Hana Yori Dango is the story of the world's richest and most elite school in all of Japan, Eitoku. Renowned the world over, this school is run by a group of four rich and cocky boys known as the "Flower Four" or "F4". When a penniless commoner enters their lives, she forces them to see that maybe having money to buy everything you could want just isn't all there is to life. She even falls in love with the leader of F4, the richest and possibly stupidest man in the world, and their Cinderella story unfolds.

Enter the asshole leader's elder sister. Tsubaki Domyoji is a real stand up woman. She believes in friendship, love, money, devotion, and supporting causes she finds worthy with all that she has. She also believes that a fist to the face is the best way to deal with rowdy siblings — sometimes followed up by a boot to the head. Nonetheless, Tsubaki is an intelligent, sophisticated and social lady, raised from birth to be a rich heiress and a polite member of society. Open, friendly and warm, Tsubaki is almost always smiling, even when things run foul. At the end of the day, she's just a big sister who truly cares about the well-being of the people she loves, and especially people in love.


Hey there, could I borrow you for a minute? Yes, I'm looking for whoever is in charge of hiring at this campground? I know, I know, I flew out here on a whim, but I was really expecting something workable. Look, if you just wanted a famous face to put on your projects, there are people in a much better position for that. With this atmosphere, maybe . . . M.C. Hammer? I'm almost positive that he's available. Now, don't go to pieces on me just yet. I never said I wouldn't help you out. I'll support you with everything I can. Though I may have to draw the line at holding your head in place. Sorry!

We may as well get the ball rolling. Hello, everyone. It's nice to see you all here today. Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tsubaki, and I am here to help guide you. The details are a little . . . Well, I'm going to have to put in another request to have the paperwork sorted out. Even if my purpose here is to take some of you down a notch, I don't think they can really pay me by the punch. It's a strange request, don't you think? Ah, ah, we can talk more about that later on. Right now, I'd like to go over a few details that were covered in this job handbook I received.

— Ah, here we go, this says . . . Interesting! Sorry everyone, but it looks like there are new electronics being installed into the cabins proper as we speak. Everything will be fine, just try to ignore them. These "Knockout Analysis Trackers" will be online and functional by the time you get back after this little talk of ours. You . . . probably don't want to know what the new ceiling KATs are looking for, trust me. Just let me worry about them, okay? Okay! Let's move on, shall we?

. . . Haaah. On second thought, let's skip the rest of the reading. I'll just explain what I'm here for in my own words. That should make it easier on everyone. Every time one of you boys gets in over his head, or in very deep trouble, it will be up to me to drop you down a few rungs. If you get too full of yourself, I'll have to knock it out of you. Or was it knock you out? It's one of those for sure. I'll look it up later. There's more than one way to get a message through those thick heads of yours, right? — Yes, thank you for your concern, madame, but I don't believe an auger will be necessary.

So boys, be careful not to get too full of it now. I'll come after you, and I really mean it. I know how boys are, always lusting after something or other and forgetting to play nice. You'd lose your heads if they weren't attach — right, I see the problem there already. We'll work on that together some other time, if that's okay? Thanks. I'll do my best to help.

And now, ladies? If you have a problem with anyone here, don't be afraid to call. I'll always come to help. That's a promise. Since I've got a new work phone just for this occasion, I'm afraid I can't pass out cards yet, but let me give you the number anyway. Waiting for the printer will take too long. Ready? That's "Tsubaki," at 1-337-800-8135. Day or night, I'll answer whatever problems you have. I hope you'll remember.

Please, don't hesitate to call me. Big sister is always watching.


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No seriously it&#39;s cool guys.
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